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Mallas para evitar plaga de aves

Mallas anti palomas Mallas o redes a fin de evitar la plaga de aves A menudo nos encontramos con estructuras ensuciadas por palomas / Aves. Con estas mallas solo  se irán a otro lugar, sin necesidad de matar o herirlas, dando solución a la plaga Estas mallas de seguridad están especialmente diseñados para resistir y mantener todas las aves


En nombre de Neomallas, el gerente y dueño Ismael Gómez garantiza que: • materia prima del producto está libre de culpa y en pleno cumplimiento de especificaciones declaradas; • el producto no desarrollará ninguna materia prima o la producción de fallos y retendrá todas las características indicadas durante al menos 2 años. El período de garantía

A couple of years ago, I was with my friend Adam Cohn when he made this simple yet important declaration — “San Francisco should always have a subway under construction.” My first reaction was to think of every possible objection to the concept — too expensive, too disruptive, too controversial, too many difficulties siting subway stations and determining alignments.

Form Us With Love recently created the Nest Collection for +Halle. The series provides an unpronounced divider to the traditional lounge area, by simply creating layers of both high and low seating. The heights offers a sense of privacy, whilst maintaining the comfort of a relaxed armchair.

Archtober is accepting nominations for projects to be included in New York City’s month-long festival of architecture and design. Each day in October 2016, the event will feature a Building of the Day as a noon-time, architect-led tour. Building of the Day tours are the centerpiece of Archtober. With the goal of making exemplary architecture

L A M P (Lighting Architecture Movement Project) is calling for entries for its fourth annual international lighting design competition. The competition challenges designers to approach their light fixtures with the guidance of a singular word. This year’s theme is Cosmic. There are three categories for submission: student, emerging, and established designers. Submissions will open

Serving as an architectural primer to the streets of the capital from an architect’s point of view, Buildings of London leads the reader on a journey around the city through the evocative paintings of architect Roger FitzGerald, combining his keen eye for detail and construction with a fascination for discovery 1.

We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don't know.

W. H. Auden

The winners have been announced for the Bee Breeders Tokyo Pop Lab architecture competition. The competition brief called for the design of a new program for the study and production of pop culture media. The unique and original nature of the brief resulted in submissions varying considerably, from fairly pragmatic to completely ideological. The winning

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